Daily Inspirational Fix:Forgiving Yourself

So, I was talking to a friend and she was agonizing over the shame and guilt of a recent sin (sorry, but that’s the only detail that I can expose).  We all are all to familiar with feeling bad afterward we have committed a sin!  In Jeremiah 31:34, it tells us “Once we confess our sin, they are gone, never to be remembered by God” .  So, if that is the case, why do we continue to beat ourselves up for things we did ten years prior?  Why do we allow the shame to emotionally abuse ourselves?  I think we do this because of embarrassment or because we know that we are weak enough to do it again.  But, getting back to my initial thought, God loves us and he wants us to forgive ourselves and one another.  So, today in your prayers, ask God to take the guilt of past sins and mistakes away.  Ask him to take away all wrong memories and urges away.  And, if anyone wants to bring up old bones, just gracefully remove yourself from that situation and know that you are forgiven.  Pray that God takes the meanness out of their hearts(or pray for some speed and move fast in the opposite direction!).  You deserve to be freenew pics 017 from the bondage of sin.  I love you and be encouraged!


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