Kate Plus 8, Minus Jon

jon gOkay, I must admit, I’m a Jon and Kate Plus Eight fan!  But, after reading countless headlines about this ridiciously over publicized death of a marriage and family structure, I asked myself one question (it’s good, promise).  Why as a society, are we conditioned to blame the male for the breakdown of a marriage.  We act as if women are not able to screw up a relationship,  A woman is just as capable (maybe more) to destroy a family’s dynamic.  Women cheat, lie, physically abuse, verbally abuse, emotionally abuse, portrays selfishness, and forget about showing their spouses love , affection, and time too! 

Even though Kate had made some unflattering headlines, Jon does seem to get more of the blame for the break- up.  He has even been rumored to be fired from the show (I’m sorry, his technically just going to have less time on the show since the dynamic of his family has changed)  Well, why don’t Kate get less time, after all they spend equal time with the kids, the legally share joint custody.  Jon even claims that at one point of time he was the main caretaker because Kate had to travel and promote her book.  I just don’t know why everyone is beating up on Jon and portraying Kate to be Mother Teresa (If you watch the show, you know better).  All I’m saying is that it takes two to make a marriage work or fail.  What do you think? Are you Team Kate or Team Jon?



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2 responses to “Kate Plus 8, Minus Jon

  1. MrsWhitneyB

    So sad ! Money truly changes ppl! Started off being ” a way to keep memories ” as Kate would put it! but Income in our eyes! Now it has become a big bag of questions thats someday someone has to anwser! truly the kids are going to suffer and as we all know money cant buy happiness or the joy of two parents in one home! Hopefully it will work out cause i truly think its too late , the damage is done! 😦 So long ! MsWhitneyB!

  2. whitneysade'

    i think that this jon and kate mess is so over board. if anybody watch the show u can cleary see the kate is just a lil bitchy

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