Stomach Turning

2009 family pics 021Okay everyone, so I’m so disgusted right now, my stomach is actually turning (I’m a little dramatic, but have a good reason on this one!).  Okay, I’m going to give you the facts first.  Two women by the name of Janice Mowdy and Stephanie Ball (mother and daughter team) was sentenced to life in prison on yesterday after taking a guilty plea for starving their 4-year-old grandson (and nephew) to death.   The little angel was found in his home of Mississippi and was 19 pounds when found.  The two women (believe that I can use another word other than women to describe this two) claimed that they feed the boy, he just had a problem on keeping his food down.  When asked why didn’t they take him to the doctors, their response was that they didn’t have time because they worked so often (thats bull).  When I read about this, my heart ached for this little boy, I couldn’t imagine the terror he felt when his so call guardians treated him worst than handling trash.  There is people in this world who are unable to have kids, who would have given anything for the opportunity to care for this baby, while these women obviously have no respect for the gift of life.  Being a women who have struggled through miscarriages, this news destroyed my spirits.  I can’t say that I agreed with the verdict, but I am glad that the judical system did not slap these women on the wrist and send them on their way.  World, you know how I feel, how do you feel and do you think these women deserved a harsher sentence.  Please pray for our little fallen angel, Austin Watkins, I know you are with God.


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