Can We Be Friends?

love signsOkay, so I was talking to my friend, who have broken up with her man about two months ago.  He recently called her and asked if they could be friends, so she asked me what I thought.  My intial reaction was Oh, H No!  I wouldn’t want my ex saying lets be friends because I wouldn’t want to feel like I was being downgraded (on top of the heartbreak).  How to you go from laying in my bed to calling and saying, “Hey homie” (not feeling that).  But, after I calmed my nerves (you know I’m dramatic)  I came up with a few more reasons an ex would want to be friends.  First, they might just really miss you and if nothing else want you to be present in their life.  Secondly, he might just want you back (And I do mean all of you) and don’t know how to apologize.  Thirdly, they might just feel bad for the breaking up with you (who wants pity).  I don’t know about you, but the end of a relationhip to me means the beginning of a period of mourning and depression while I heal from the pain (that’s probably the poet in me).  I want nothing to do with an ex, epecially if I was the one left brokehearted.  What do you think, could you be friends with an ex or someone you used to sleep with?



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3 responses to “Can We Be Friends?

  1. meka

    ok ima comment since i was told 2 lol. ok me personally it depends on how da relationship was n our overall breakup. now as far as my booskie now u kno da situation dat happened da 1st time we fell off, he wanted 2 remain friends but i couldnt do dat because of how i felt about him. i was n still am madly n love wit him so i couldnt bear da thought of knowin dat hes sexin otha chicks or n a relationship wit someone else. ima look at it like dat should b me. even tho i wouldnt wanna lose him as a friend i couldnt do it, its like im punishin myself. now 1 of my exs we been dealin wit each otha off n on 4 4yrs we still remained friends even tho our breakups wasnt agreed upon we just lost touch n things happened. as of 2day we r not friends i dont even say hi 2 him when i c him because he lied 2 me n wasnt completely honest about our situation when we was tryna work on us. but he really hurt me even tho i moved on i still couldnt respect him. so overall it all depends on u n how ur relationship was n wut brought u all 2 split up anyway

  2. MrsWhitneyB

    Uh H No! Not only will he cramp your style with a new man ( no guy wants ur old man hanging around) than to know he banging another chick! NOPE! No Way! like if yall in love or was in love I wouldnt wanna hear updates on his or hers new love or how he or she went to the movies and out to eat if it wasnt wit me! NAW! So Long! MrsWhitneyB

  3. Ms. Diamond

    I feel you on this one, there is no way I could listen to one of my exes tell me about their current love interest….no being friends. When it’s over, it’s over

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