Beyonce Daddy is Somebody’s Baby Daddy!

beyonce and dadI bet Beyonce is regretting the heart felt words she sang on her “Daddy” song, “I want my husband to be just like my daddy”.  I’m sure she doesn’t want the Jigga man to be slapped with a paternity suit just like her daddy!  All jokes aside, a women by the name of Alexsandra Wright (television actress, I never heard of her either), who is six months pregnant has filed a paternity suit on Knowles, 58(Is his swimmers still swimming and that joker is still married).  Well, I guess we won’t know any concrete evidence on for about 3 months.  Wright has played on the television series Scrubs and Jag (never heard of those shows).  Knowles is best known for guiding the successful careers of his daughters Beyonce and Solange.  Brothers, when are you going to learn to cover your privacy?  And ladies when are we going to stop letting men use us as dump trucks, it’s not cute if you are not married or in a committed relationship (or if he is somebody’s husband).  Can we say condoms? If you are going to do it, be smart and protect yourselves.

UPDATE(March 23,2010):  Well, D’Blog family, it’s confirmed that Matthew Knowles is the daddy!  Guess, Ms. B and Solange are big sisters.


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One response to “Beyonce Daddy is Somebody’s Baby Daddy!

  1. MrsWhitneyB

    Good ! bout time we get some drama from little miss perfect! daddy cheated! Oh yeah and got a baby on the way! the way I see it , she human to her lifes no different from anyone else! maybe mama cried some of the makeup off! just saying :)))) So Long! MrswhitneyB!

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