Daily Inspirational Fix: I Need Healing

Okay family, I had a rough weekend, (hubby was sick), so during my prayer& quiet time, I focused on healing and restoration.  So many of us are going through hardships with our bodies and although it is physically draining, it’s emotionally draining.  It saddened me to see my other half  in such despair and hopelessness because he’s such a strong person and never let people see him sweat (he has been dealing with epilepsy for over 20  years).  I know all of you have times that sadden you because you have no control over your health or a situation.  Even if you been struggling with the same health issue (or any issue for that matter) for years, months, or days, you need to be recharged and reassured that healing will come.  Even though I don’t know the time of your healing, I do know that God tells us in his word that he WILL heal all our diseases, Psalms 103.  Whatever sickness, whether it’s epilepsy, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, asthma, cancer, infertility, or obesity, speak to it!  Tell it that you refuse to let it take over your mind, body, and soul.  Tell it that it will not take your joy, and even though all days won’t be joyous, on your sad days just remember this message! I love you and be encouraged.


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