Daily Inspirational Fix: Are You Capable of Loving Pass Your Selfishness

God’s love is made real through our compassion for our fellow brothers and sisters.  In Gal. 6:2, it talks about bearing one another burdens and fulfilling in the law of Christ.  Recently, I talked to an old girlfriend that I haven’t talked to in months.  So, of course we had hours worth of drama to catch up on, I was amazed at some of the things that was going on (It literally had my mouth wide open).  I could not believe that a friend of mine was experiencing so much turmoil and I was not there to lend a hand.  A part of me felt guilty because if nothing else, I could have been there to lend my ears.  I could have listened and offered inspiring words or just hold her and say that it’s going to be okay (even if I didn’t know if things would work out in her favor).  I couldn’t help but feel bad because if I wasn’t so wrapped up in my issues and mess, I could have noticed that my friend was suffering.  So, after we cried, I apologized and for ignoring phone calls, text, and emails.  I made a promise to check in at least once a week, I felt it was important that I reassure her that my compassion was genuine and that I really care about what happened to her.  She has been such a good friend to me and I wanted to do the same.  When God gives you a friend, (a real one, not a one of convinence)you hold on to them and cherish them.  A real friend cries with you, laugh with you, never judge you, encourages you,tell you the truth, prays with and for you, and let you borrow those Gucci shoes!  So today, remember to always demonstrate genuine care and love because it provides fulfillment, prevent tragedy, and destroys despair.  Everyone of us are in need of STRONG expressions of love.  So, show some love and help someone move from despair to hope.  Then from hope to faith, and then from faith to reality.  I challenge you to show love to someone whom you lost contact, it might be a matter of life or death.  Someone might be ready to give up, it’s on you to help pull them through (with God’s help of course).  I love you and be encouraged!


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One response to “Daily Inspirational Fix: Are You Capable of Loving Pass Your Selfishness

  1. laura

    you are an amazing friend….i love you and your oh so true encouraging words!

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