When Is It Too Soon To Say “I Love You”?

Hello to my blog family!  Okay, this one is for my self proclaim relationship experts (I’m one in my own head).  So, I was chatting with a longtime friend and he proposed a question (what better way to answer it then through my blog!).  His question was, “Is it too soon to tell my girl that I am in love with her”.  Look now, I’m all for love but here is the scenario.  He has only being knowing and dating this girl for two months and the fact that he wanted to express his undying love for her, didn’t sit right with me.  I’m not going to lie, I was head over hills for my hubby after two months and eight years later and a ring, we are still in love (most days that is)!  But, that does not happen often, most times when a relationship start quickly, it ends that way.  After all, after only two months, are you really ready to confess love and commit?  You don’t even know that person after two months, there is so many things I found about my spouse that if I knew early on, I probably would not have insisted on settling down.  But, if you feel this way at least, keep it to yourself.  Give it some time, your love can only grow or you will realize that this person is not for you.  And then, if you still feel the same in a couple of months, then act on your feeling because you don’t want to act on an impulse.  I also digged a little deeper and remember just how I felt when a guy dropped the “L Bomb” too soon.  First, I would be suspicious (yes, I got trust issues).  I would wonder if his motives was for his gain instead of his true feelings, maybe he wanted money, booty,  time away from his spouse,or someone to help get over his ex.  Secondly, I would have the mind set of, if he said “I love you” quickly, then he will say “Goodbye” as quickly.  I would think that he would definitely get bore faster because  we would be moving in an even faster pace.

Even though, I’m not expert on love (just asked my exes!), I do feel like when you fall so hard for someone so quickly, that you are actually falling in love with the idea of being loved.  Everyone is guilty of wanting to be entangled in a love affair, the fantasy of long, romantic walks; kissing; hugging; writing love letters; engaging in tearful heart to hearts; and lovemaking, is enough to make anyone jump prematurely in a relationship.  Just take your time and make sure that their motives and yours, are sincere.  You don’t want to end up crushed and feeling like you was used.  Let me know how you are feeling about this one!


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  1. meka

    ok well when i met my booskie after 3-4mths of knowin him i wanted 2 tell him i love him. y because i felt somethin 4 him like i neva felt 4 any of my exes n also cause i took my time wit him. we got 2 kno each otha b4 jumpin str8 n2 a relationship. no i didnt tell him i joked around but didnt act on it cause i didnt kno how he felt or how he would respond. i actually thought he would think i was crazy or somethin lol. but when we fell off dats when HE told me dat he loved me n of course i said it back, dat was truly how i felt n not just because he said it. ive had exes tell me dey love me b4 but i didnt say it back cause dats not how i felt. i dont use dat word lightly. but i honestly dont think its nothin wrong wit sayin it after a few mths of knowin a person only u kno how u feel n kno how u felt compared 2 past relationships. now b4 sayin it u gotta think if u r ready 4 da response n weigh ur pros n cons on da situation now n da future meanin if da relationship did end suddenly. but we always look at da bad side of things n point out da negative side versus da positive. 4 instance da fact dat sayin it soon can end da relationship soon. we dont mention dat everybody isnt da same n u have ppl who met n realized it was luv at 1st sight n r still 2gether til dis day n have been married 30 40yrs or so. me n my booskie r goin on 2 yrs yea we had a big bump n da road but we got thru it n now r plannin a future so it all depends on da person n da type of person u wit. but i would advise 2 get 2 kno da person 1st

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