Daily Inspirational Fix: Forgiving Yourself Through Inflammatory Pain

  I just had a tear jerking discussion with a co-worker who is struggling to forgive herself because of a past sin.  I was so emotional because not only could I literally see her pain, it mirror my own circumstance.  I do know that we all struggle with situations where we know we had poor judgement.  Situations where we hurt someone so dear to your heart, and that shame alone can drive a sane person crazy.  I mean it makes logical sense to hurt someone who hurted you and to love someone who loves you.  When you let down people that is loyal to you, it can be a shame that destroys you.  So, today if your shame won’t allow you to talk to God, talk to someone that you know knows God and can lift up a prayer on your behalf.  I don’t know if I was that person for my co worker, but I believe that God uses his children to go to places that he is not welcomed.  Since she  felt that she was too tainted to be in God’s presense, I’m glad I could usher her into his presense and offer the sinner’s prayer.  Remember that Jesus died, so that we had the right to confession and repentance. After all, he wants you to be freed from that guilt that weighs you down.  Today, I’m sending you a hug if this spoke to you and your situation because I know how it feels to desire comfort when you are broken due to unforgiveness. You are better than that situation, so forget it and know that God has too! I love you and be encouraged!


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