Loving Someone Who Doesn’t Love You The Same……………

love signs

Yes this is another one about LOVE!  We all have been in that disgruntled place; where we are loving someone too hard while they don’t even love you in return (or just not showing as much love and compassion as you show them).  So, I’m talking to my girl and I’m just going to give you scernario in a nutshell!  She has been dating this guy for about seven months, she is completely charmed by the guy and would do anything for him (I personally like him as a person, just not the way he treats his relationships).  She spends most of her days with him (as many as he allows);they go out; travel together; spent time with one another’s family; and support one another during family crisises. I  know it seems like a fairytale, it’s not.  While she is all about him, he has verbally expressed that he is really fond of her but he is not in love with her.  To make the situation worse, he  openly dates another girl and does express his love for her.  What the fudge is that?  I know you are wondering the same as I was; why do an women continue to love a man when the feelings are not mutual.  The truth is that she is madly in love and even admits that although the situation is degrading, she can not bring herself to leave him alone.  She also said that besides his side affair and love for another women(does that look as dumb as that sounds), he treats her like a queen.  I will give it to him, he is kind, affection, and all that good stuff towards her; but he loves another women.  Is she suppose to compete with this women forever?  Will she ever have a future with someone who wants to be with someone else?  No matter what she says or does, the fact remains that he has told you his truth and loving you solely is out the question.  Another thing she told me that stuck in my head like a brain is, “I might as well stay because no one ever finds a perfect spouse”.  Even though she won’t ever find a perfect spouse, you can find someone that is going to be committed only to you.  This situation made me ask myself, Why as women (and men too), do we stay in compromising relationships?  We will willingly give up our souls, bodies, and minds just to try to win someone’s love that doesn’t even deserve it?  Do we do it for financial sercurity, raising kids together, or low self esteem?  I don’t think there will ever be an concrete answer, but I do know one thing for certain.  Loving someone who does not love you is emotional draining  and no matter who you are or what you did, you deserve to be loved completely and not on a man’s (or women’s scheldule).  Let me know your thoughts on this one.


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