Stripclub Foreplay For Married Couples

stripe clubsHello DBlog Family!  So, Sunday I was hanging out with some love ones and some interesting things came up, but one really tickled my fancy!  (When my fam get together, nothing is off limits!)  The question was, “Can married couples go to the strip club?  For a lot of people, this issue is pure madness, but for some couples it’s foreplay.  Some couples go to the club to peek their arousal and then run home to tackle one another!  Personally, I don’t see the problem if as a married couple you want to be adventurous because any couple who have been together for so long, things get routine (and just down right boring, that’s just the truth).  On the flip side, there can be so many negatives when doing something like this.  First, you can open up the gateway to so many problems.  For instance, a man might just want to continue going to the club minus his woman’s presence.  And, for a woman, it may peek her interest and take a fond liking towards what she sees(Do you want to unleash your woman’s inner lesbian?).  Both scenarios screams deceit and can cause a demise of the relationship and even a blow to a man’s ego (No man want their girl to leave them for another girl).  Secondly, if you are going to the strip club with your mate because things are boring, what happens when going to the strip club gets boring?  What will you try next, SWINGING?  Then, you open a whole new set of worms and then you start breaking commandments!   So, what do you think, Are couples going to strip clubs foreplay or trouble?  I want to hear your comments on this one!


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