Loving Someone With Baby Mama Drama!

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Okay people, if loving someone isn’t hard enough, try adding a baby mama and her kid to the mix.  Okay, me and my girl was having a conversation about this matter and she said something that sparked the fire in my soul, “Since he made this baby behind my back, why can’t he raise it behind my back”.  The comment may sound selfish, but it was her truth, and I respected her for her honesty (Because most people are cowards and can not be honest with themselves).  I believe she was trying to get across that it was bad enough that he broke the marriage vows, but now she has to live with the evidence of his disrespect.  Personally, I agreed with her because I would not know what to do if my husband came home and said that not only did he cheat, he started a family that didn’t include me.  As a wife, you feel like certain achievements are sacred between married couples like intamacy, buying your first home, and having children.  I think it was very courageous for her to point out her hurt because as women we seem to just sweep our husband’s dirt under the rug and protect them from there mistakes.  How much sense to it makes to cover up your husband’s indicretions just so people won’t judge him?  Is it worth staying in any relationship with baby momma drama especially if the baby came about during your relationship?


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  1. whitneysade'

    so well written…so glad i have sumone that see it for my point of view

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