Soulja Boy Arrested! Busted With Fake Money

soulj boy

Soulja Boy Tell’Em, No it’s Soulja  Boy Fake Em!  Atlanta rapper DeAndre “Soulja Boy” Way was arrested in Henry County after supposedly shooting a music video for You Tube(neighbors was complaining of loud noise and 40 people crowding the abandon home).  At the officer’s arrival on the scene, Soulja and his entourage fled the scene.  After they left, officers search the vehicles that was left behind and found a 9MM handgun in the glove department of a white Lexus.  It is not confirmed by authories that the gun was tied to the rapper.  Soulja boy and part of his entourage returned to the scene where he was arrested on obstruction.  A person in the rapper’s entourage, Latice Grier was charged with obstruction and forgery, (apparently Soulja Boy doesn’t pay his employees well) because he had several counterfeit $100 bills. See kids, these rappers are not who they claim to be or have what they claim they have (I mean in his video, he eating a bowl of diamonds instead of cereal).  The truth of the matter is that spirituality, education, and wisdom will get you much further in life than glorifying money and the wrong ways to obtain it.  At press time, the rapper was released on $550 bond and his friend was released on a much higher bond.  The rapper did release a comment (on the Hip Hop 2009 BET Awards Rehearsal) just stating that he needed the “wake up call” , and he plans on being much more responsible.


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