Daily Inspirational Fix: Let Love Be Without Hypocrisy

Today I attended my cousin’s funeral and quite honestly, right now I am numb.  So, many emotions have run through my mind & body today that I have just chosen to freeze my body and thoughts to feel nothing.  The only thing that I felt the need to express is that I loved him.  So many things have been said and speculated about his death, but to me those things mean nothing, I love him in spite of anything.  See, when your love is geniune, it goes beyond someone’s negativity or truth; it just loves tenderly.  One thing that this situation has taught me is that we need to love without hypocrisy (without fakeness and prejustice).  We need to love people whether they are doing things that we love or dislike; whether they hurt us or show affection toward us; whether they will receive it or reject it.  So, today I want you to not only show, but verbally tell your love ones that you love them because the day will come where you can not tell them………..Mark, I love you.  I love you all and be encouraged!


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