Usher’s New Song, “Papers” Does Not Portray His Real Life Situation………Right!

usher-and-tameka1 Okay DBlog Family, so Usher and the songwriter (Sean Garrett, who was recently on Mario’s “Breakup”; he actually song the second verse) of the new hit single, “Papers”; claims that the song does not shadow the current status of Usher and his soon to be ex- wife Tameka Foster Raymond). The song clearly talks about Usher’s pain in relation to his marriage ending and that he can no longer work on his marriage; he is ready to sign those divorce papers! Garrett even insisted that the song was written eight months ago prior to Usher’s divorce (Right, Usher is not using the publicity of his breakup to sell his record).  Garrett just claims he is a great songwriter and that basically Usher did not share his personal life with him.  Garrett also told several sources that Usher had reservations about releasing the explosive single.  People, let’s not forget that this was the man who used his relationship and breakup to Rozonda “Chili” Thomas to sell his albums “8701” and “Confessions”.  Chili was in all the videos for his “8701” album.usher and chili

Chili, clearly boosted this man popularity and not to mention his pimping.  He obtain grounding breaking success using his break up with the singer in, “Confessions”, where he portrayed himself to be a two timer who got another woman pregnant.  So people, that should tell you that the man is clearly using the drama about his estranged wife to boost his sales and gain more fans.  Usher, you are fooling no one, this song is your reality and clearly your MONEYMAKER (Because you know that she is going to burn him in child support, they have two sons together). Check out some of the lyrics of his new single, “Paper’s”:

”  For you I gave my heart and turned my back against the world 

Cause you were my girl, girl, girl

I done damn near lose my mama

I done been through so much drama

I done turned into a man that I never thought I’d be

I’m ready to sign them paper.”

Then just sign the damn papers boy, your wife put you on blast by saying that you won’t sign them papers!


Update:  Usher Raymond and Tameka Foster- Raymond are officially back on the market, their divorce are finally final.  Sadly, Usher and Tameka has joined the statistic that most marriages don’t make it pass five years. 



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3 responses to “Usher’s New Song, “Papers” Does Not Portray His Real Life Situation………Right!

  1. janaya

    you should never did that lady like that

  2. janaya

    All do respect Mr.Usher you should have not did that lady like that and yall have KIDS together

  3. i dont know y u was even with her in the first place she ugly plus she played u… u diserve better then that.. YAHHDIGG

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