Check out Jennifer Hudson and her Baby Boy



jenfam-150x150  Honestly, your girl was never a Jennifer Hudson fan until the media was drawn to her when her family was tragically murdered (my heart really goes out to her).  I really admired her strength (and privacy) that she upheld throughout the whole ordeal.  She really made me look at her in a whole new light.  So, like I said seeing her face on every news outlet last October stopped me in my tracks and force me too look deeper in her artistry.  I actually loved her debut album, “If This Isn’t Love” and “You Pulled Me Through  ” tickled my fancy.  I also enjoyed her role in “The Secret Lives of Bees” and “Sex In The City” (sorry, but Dreamgirls was a hot mess!).  So, my new found love for JH has inspired me to share her beautiful family pics with my blog family! Jennifer deserve this happiness after such a horrible ordeal! 

FYI:  Jennifer Hudson sister, Julia Hudson is reportedly pregnant.  Julia lost her son, last year along with her mother and brother.  Her estranged husband is still awaiting trial for the murders.


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