Single Motherhood: A Blessing or a Challenge?


This picture is so common here in the United States but it comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  I’m talking about the picture of single motherhood.  No, I’m not a single mother, but I have family and friends who wears the title, most wear it unwillingly.  I constantly hear that “My child is a blessing, I just wished I had more help”.  I even hear my married friends say that they feel like a single parent because they assume all the responsiblity like a single mother would.  Let’s go a little deeper, my friend  has majority of the responsibility of her five-year old daughter (her mother takes the rest).  At the tender age of five, my friend was hit with the “Where is my daddy” question.  It caught her totally off guard, she didn’t imagine she would get this question for at least a couple years.  And even though she been practicing for years just how she could explain to her daughter why her father couldn’t be in her life, she went blank when her little girl blurted out the question.  What puzzled her was not what she practiced, but what she decided to keep from her daughter forever because the truth of the matter is that she couldn’t see her daddy because he was serving a life sentence.  A sentence that came about only because he tried to kill her mother while she was pregnant with her.  How to you tell that truth to an adult, let alone a child.  To make a long story short, she told her daughter that her daddy was away and he will be back one day.  Even though I believe in being honest with your children, but this case was an exception. 

As women of today, we take pride in raising the babies alone.  Women actually set out to do it alone because they are trying to beat their biological clock (And that ticks loud!).  The fairytale of finding the perfect husband is becoming more and more unrealistic  and women don’t want to take the chances and miss out on having babies because they couldn’t find Mr. Right.  The truth is that single motherhood is a blessing if you intentionally enter into the situation or if your have money to afford a nanny!  The downside is that it can be negative if your are experiencing single motherhood because it has been force upon you.  It just isn’t fair  to raise a baby on your own when you didn’t make the baby on your own. Let me hear your thoughts on this one!


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