Daily Inspirational Fix: Staying Persistent in Prayer

I know what your thinking, probably the same thing that everyone else is thinking.  Why continue to pray when nothing changes.  Even the strongest believer feels like this at times, especially when it seems like everyone and everything is in turmoil.  The economy is still a hot mess, the lay off rate is at it’s all time high, the violence is bananas, and personal demons are destroying us.  So again I ask, why am I continuing to pray without ceasing………and still……….NO ANSWER in sight.  Or you might do have everything you need, but you been praying for a special request and you have been at it for some time.  You’ve been living right, helping others, witnessing to unbelievers, encouraging people when you need it, and paying your tithes plus twenty dollars and………..Nothing!  I know it’s beyond frustrating and why I’m about to say, is probably what you don’t want to hear (I hate when people say it to me, even though it holds truth).  God is faithful and he answers prays according to HIS wisdom and timing.  So, today keep praying even if you have been praying for one specific thing for five years.  Show God that you are persistent and that he can trust you with whatever supplications you have sent up.  Remember that you are not struggling alone, it only feels like that because people are too scared to admit that they are hurting.  But today I free myself from the burden of hiding my pain, I want you to free yourself too! We all are hurting, but we have the gift of persistent prayer, we can tell God over and over again just what we need and want.  I love you and be encouraged.


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