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  1. Ms Lynn

    Man, Dani why do we play games with ourselves. Now most of us know that we love ourselves better than we love ourselves. Meaning that our goals in life is to be happy and satisfied, not necessarily in that order. I am a women who Loves the Lord and makes every valient effort to follow the law of the land and the word of God. Nonethless, after attempting to survey the great book trying to identify the Lord’s take on Masturbation .I came up empty handed.I don’t feel guilty about experiencing the pleasure principle as a soloist. It’s cool and I am not causing any harmful effects to anyone else. What goes on in my private party is lovely and sensual. Who can ask for more?
    Let’s talk about your girlfriend Dani. I think she may be a bit starched ,misguided and an ounce of holy deepness is ovious. (I know deepness is not a word but it works for me). Anyway, she may need to experience some private time with herself. Additionally, she needs to share some time with her husband as he explores his fantasies. They should be one in every aspect of life. This makes for a fine, dedicated, commitment between oneself and his/her mate. Shakespeare wrote- “To thine ownself be true”. Be true to oneself and have fun while doing it!!! Nobody knows me like i Know me, so who can do it better? No one!!! I Holla:-)

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