Daily Inspiratinal Fix: Praying and EXPECTING!

Today just was one of those days.  You know, one of those days when depression looms over every part of the day.  One of those days when everything that can go wrong……………will.  One of those days that allow you to remember every negative and painful situation that you have experience within the last five years.  Well, I know you get the point and today was that day for me and probably countless others.  Well, good thing I spotted this attack from the enemy fast because I just prayed all day.  I prayed so much that I prayed about situations that I forgot about and just gave up on.  Every bone in my body was humbled, I prayed for people that I consider to be enemies.  But, the most important thing was that I was praying like I just knew that miracles were about to be manifested.  Like I knew that thing was going to happen!  After, I realized that I normally pray without confidence and faith.  It is not possible to have a fulfilling relationship with God without faith, it’s impossible.  So, everyday when we go to our heavenly father in prayer, pray with boldness and attitude!  Pray like you know he hears you and like you know that he will and can provide all that we need and desire.  So, today if you feel like life is beating you up, down, under, and sideways, pray like you never prayed before and expect God to perform miracles and deliver answers in your life.   I love you and be blessed!


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