Kandi’s Flying Above After Losing Two Loves



Ashley “AJ” Jewell was not the only ex-fiance/boyfriend that this southern hummingbird had to bury.  Kandi Buruss dated the late R&B singer, Gerald Levert for about two years.  His passsing hit her hard because they had stop dating just before he passed (This is not gossip, check out S2S November issue! Kandi has the cover story) .  Her loses did not stop there, she loss her favorite uncle weeks before AJ’s untimely death.  But, on the brighter side of things, like her new hit song , “I Fly Above” from her new album, “Blog”, she is flying above all the recent heartbreak through her new music and boutique.  Yes, Ms.  Buruss  has opened a new boutique in the ATL, named Tags.  She prides herself in saying that the clothes in her store are fashion forward and affordable.  So, you go Ms. Kandi and the Dblog family wishes you all the best. 


FYI:  Check out Ms. Kandi on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, the first part of the reunion show will air Thursday, October 29 on Bravo.  Hopefully she will shine some light on the speculations around the death of her ex, AJ.


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