Lil Wayne: Busy With Making Babies, Hits, and Legal Woes!


Yes, Wayne is the busiest rapper alive! Wayne is about to have his third son in little over a year span.  The first with a rumored college student, one with actress Lauren London, and the last with the one- hit-wonder R&B singer, Nivea (who is that?) .  Wayne is also ready to drop a double disc, “Rebirth” in November on his Young Money Label.  And if that wasn’t keeping Wayne busy, he is now in legal trouble.  lil-wayne-busted-thumb-489x335

Dwayne Carter (notice how I’m using his government now), has pleaded guilty to felony gun charges as part of a plea bargain to reduce his time in jail.  The rapper was slapped with this two years after authorities  found a loaded .9mm gun on his tour bus.  Now if he didn’t take this bargain, Mr. Carter could have been facing 3-7 years in federal prison.  He will be sentenced in February and is expected to get a year.  But, what continues to blow my mind is how the legal system (or the old white judges) go out their way to make examples of young hip hop.  I am not defending Mr. Carter’s actions, but it bothers me that most child molesters only serve a total of three years and receive  top-notch protection when serving their time.  Our judical system is the worst!  It has been reported that the gun wasn’t even linked to Wayne and when raiding his tour bus, authorities  couldn’t even identify Mr. Carter, all they saw was a “party bus, race, and money”, and decided to make trouble.  I just believe it’s more appropriate and important issues to spend our tax money and energy on things that affects our society and hurt our children like CHILD MOLESTORS!  Don’t know nobody about their own business worried about what a rapper do,smoke, or carry. Wayne our prayers are with you and I hope something was learned in this mess. 

FYI:  Wayne’s ex- wife and baby mother (of his eldest, Reginnae Carter) twittered:  “I swear I hate fate n***as.  When s**t all good, everybody is around, but when you down, nobody wants to be around, Pray for Wayne yall”.  

And we will do just that Mrs. Carter!   Check Toya out on the BET reality series, “Tiny & Toya”, which is coming back for a second season early next year.


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