Daily Inspirational Fix: It’s Done By The Spirit…… Not of Ourselves

Okay, so I was doing my weekly check up with my sister and she asked me what I have been doing, little did she know that she was about to get an ear full!  I was explaining how I have been a little extra busy with beiing in the final stage of buying a house; in the process of adoption; working full time; finishing up writing my poetry book; chasing every open mic night or speaking opportunity I can; serving as my church’s secretary; BLOGGING; helping my hubby with his seizures (the devil is so busy when you are about to get your victory and you are serving the Lord…..but we are moving forward); and maintaining relationships with my friends and family.  My sis had one vital question, How are you doing all of that?  I simple told her that these things are not done by my own might, but the Holy Spirit.  Yeah, it might seem like a lot, but God says in his word that a lazy man will not profit and limits their potential.  At the time my scheldule is busy, but very soon, God will show me the harvest of my labor and I pray you believe that for yourself also.  I am also reminded of Zechariah 4:6, “Not by might nor by power, but by spirit, ” says the Lord of hosts”.  As believers, we need to know that everything we do, any goals that we work towards has nothing to do with our strength, only by the Holy Spirit and God’s vision for our lives.  Our responsibilities is to live out God will and directions for us and to speak out faithfully in his name.  To know that our strength to do all that we do comes from God and the comforter he left, The Holy Ghost!  So, today keep busy and productive and give God all the glory in your success!  I love you and be encouraged!


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