Masturbation: The Best Kept Secret, Dreadful Sin, Or Cheating?

Masturbation is such a taboo issue.  To my surprise, when I asked people on their perspective about masturbation. I received shocked facial expression or disgust.  On the other hand, some people were open on their willingness and enjoyment about this obviously very sensitive issue.  Now, quite honestly I believe that the people who have such a problem with it because they are ashamed versus not enjoying it.  As children, especially if you had a christian upbringing; we were conditioned that masturbation was “dirty” and “unnatural” (which I never understand because how can we get more natural than anatomy, our body are not artificial).  We were conditioned to believe that it was an abomination and that God would frown upon us if we engaged in this “forbidden activity”; now I can see why it is so hard for people to be open about enjoying or even admitting to pleasuring our own bodies.  So, I just came to the conclusion that masturbation is our best kept secret; if you confess to it or not, no one knows except but YOU (or if your partner like you to do that in front of them, I won’t hate on that!). 

If it’s not enough pressure to think that this is a sin (which, I have yet to find in the Bible about anything that speaks against it), someone proposed their opinion on the matter.  So, I was talking to a girlfriend and she believes that when she catches her husband watching porn and masturbating, she feels like he is cheating on her.  WHAT!!!!!!, that was my initial reaction (The brother could have been knocking the boots with another woman and how could he be cheating with HIMSELF), but being the open-minded woman who I am, I gave her a chance to explain.  She feels like the attention, intimacy, excitement, and pleasure that he receives from touching himself should be from only her.   He should not have to share his fantasies and desires with just himself, but with her too.  Even though I respect her views and understand how a woman would want to be all her husbands fantasies, pleasure, eye-candy, and excitement; it’s just not realistic.  We share our husbands pleasure, fantasies, and eye- candy with cars, FOOTBALL, and attractive women (Do you think men don’t check out the cheerleaders?)  I just would not classify masturbation with adultery or a form of cheating (sometimes it saves a spouse from not going out to cheat because of lack of sex, intimacy, and attention at home),or a sin.  I simply thinks it’s just the best kept secret!  Let me know what you think about this one! 



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