This Is It……….Is A Hit!


 There was no doubt in my mind that the movie, “This Is It”, which featured the last physical work of Michael Jackson as he prepared for his upcoming last tour that will never happen because of his untimely death; was going to be a successful debut!  His fans along with celebrities like Tyrese, Martin Lawerence, Sugar Ray, Spike Lee, Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith, Paris Hilton, Katy Perry, andJennifer Love Hewitt, came out Tuesday evening at the Nokio Theatre in Los Angeles to get the glimpse of Michael alive and vibrant.  Even though there was much speculation about the Jackson family being there, Michael’s brothers was in attendance minus their mother, sister, and children.  The children will have their own private  viewing while his father, Joe Jackson attended the Vegas premiere.  Critics and fans says that the footage of Michael’s rehearsal was intimate while he performed his signature dance moves and desire perfection in his famous numbers like Thriller, Smooth Criminal, and Human Nature.  He even added a new frightening spin in the classic theatrics!  I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to check it out this weekend!  We love you Michael!



FYI:  Sony is  saying that it’s going to be playing for only two weeks, so don’t take long to go see it!  Honestly, I think they are saying that to make sure that the movie get high ticket sales early on, just my thoughts! Go see it just in case because if not, you have to wait for the DVD (Not talking about the bootleg yall),


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