Movie Review: Michael Jackson,This Is It

Okay DBlog family, I’m a bit emotional! I have that feeling of pure amazement like I had as a little girl just memorized by MJ in videos like The Way You Make Me Feel and Remember The Time. I just left the movie threatre to see MJ, myself along with the other moviegoers sat there in awe of Michaels’s genious.  From his vibrant dancemoves to his sensitivity (saying “God bless you” and “I love you” to everyone), your eyes was glued to his every word and move.  I think that everyone’s attention was heightened just because we knew that this would be the last time that we would see the entertainer alive and doing what he done best and I do think that this was his best work yet.  When you thought that you have seen MJ at his best, this film showed us  that Michael was coming back, full force.  It was a little sad just knowing that he did not get the opportunity to present his finish product and new music.  In this film, he brought new life to his classics which included a “mini move” for Smooth  Criminal  and “more horror”, in Thriller.  I love the “nature” effects that was put in his “healing the world songs” like, Man in the Mirror, Nature Song, and Heal the World.   Since his death, many like myself thought that MJ was in critical health, but by the looks of him in the movie, he was vibrant, making the “20 yr old” dancers look bad and his voice was simply flawless!  A couple times, I wanted to get up and just dance because Mike was jamming!  The way he moved his body with every chord of the instruments was mind blowing and this was just the rehearsal, this man was just a perfectionist.  He was so professional, he cossed every “T” and dotted every “I”.  The thing that caught my attention, was that no one moved out their seats until well over the credits rolling.  It’s like no one wanted to leave because no one wanted to leave Michael, we knew it was over………….that it was it.   I love you Michael and I will never forget the message that you strived so hard to spread, but did it with such ease………………………. LOVE.


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