Daily Inspirational Fix: Keep Knocking!

Recently some profound things have been happening in my life, although some has been good, some things have been heartbreaking.  To have to die to your own desires to finally just submit to God’s, is the hardest thing as a believer to do.  It’s like you are giving up on everything that you ever wanted and having it rubbed in your face when someone gets the very thing you’ve been praying for.  But, someone gave me a comforting word, and that was big for me because for so long I have been looking for a sign to confirmed my thoughts and desires.  But, instead I got nothing but open space! So, finally someone told me to keep knocking, that God did not forget my prayers!  That even though you feel like he have forgotten you and unaware of your love for him; he knows you.  He is coming, just don’t let your past heartbreaks keep your heart shut for God’s blessing.  So. I realize that I did not have to give up in a sense, I just have to continue to have patience.  That I have to keep knocking on God’s door until my desires and his will is manifested.  I know that you have heard this before and if you would have told me not to give up only a month ago, I would have laughed in your face (and on a bad day, be so angry I could spit on someone’s face).  So, I know that dark place you might be in, please believe me when I say, keep moving towards God and your goals.  He have not given up on you, keep knocking until he answers.  Know that you have company in your difficult time……..EVERYBODY and God!  I love you and be encouraged!


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