Daily Inspirational Fix: Don’t Push Help Away

Okay, so I’m in class today and one of my students goes off into this full-blown tantrum because she didn’t want to receive help from another classmate in passing out textbooks; when she clearly needed it.  A lightbulb went off in my head, I realized that children as well as adults will push away the people who wants to help and keep the dead weigh (you know, people who take much more than they receive).  So, I started brainstorming to find out if an explanation could be found in why do people push help away (rudely if I could add).  I think one reason that could be the reason one refuses help, because they don’t want to feel inferior to the person who is helping, they don’t want to feel less than the person who are in the position where they can help and not need help.  Secondly, have you every noticed someone who makes certain that they only associate themselves with people who they feel are “under” them; so that could boost their confident.  Thirdly, a person might refuse help because they want all the glory, they refuse to share the spotlight and glory over completing a task successful and above expectations.  So, today please look pass your pride and esteem to accept help.  Sometimes God has to humble the strong- willed and independent, just so they will learn humility and allow God to be there help.  Just thank God that he has allowed someone to be put in the position where they can extend themselves to you and your situation, even if you don’t fully realize just how much you need help.  I love you and be encouraged!


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