The Real Truth About Sisterhood……… Or Just Dani’s Perspective

Friendship among women is such a sore spot for me along with probably every woman in the world.  I have had experiences where I felt like a girlfriend had betrayed my trust and I have been the girlfriend who have betrayed trust.  So, I have been during a lot of thinking about what would make relationships between two women meaningful and successful.  I have realized that going through heartbreak over the demise of a relationship with a girlfriend is that every relationship that a human has, will and can be tested.  I think the work comes in after you react to the situation.  Because, after you react, you have to make the decision to proceed with the relationship.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand that one can be angry, name call, and scream………… what happens after that?  Why is forgiveness so hard to adopt after a “blow out” with a friend, why isn’t a couple days (or weeks) away from each other ever enough?Females will fall out for years just to reconcile after, all that time wasted………. for what?  One thing that I learned is the beauty of forgiveness.  I’m at the point in my journey, that I want to live in forgiveness and keep it moving because it takes too much energy to live in bitterness.  I have lost countless nights without sleep because of my pride, not wanting to be the “weak” one and my unwillingness to forgive a girlfriend because of my hurt feelings.  Someone proposed a question to me, “If Jesus could forgive the ones responsible for his cruxifixation, why won’t we gravitate to forgiveness; our pain will never be as great as his?”  I understood that, but most importantly, I applied it to my daily living.  I don’t know if one day we as women will totally evolve into women who can forgive freely and wholeheartedly.  I do believe if we take the time uplift and empower one another instead of “hating” or envying what the next girl has; that this world would be a less “cattier” place and we could accomplish so much more collectively and independently.  My sisters, let’s love one another instead of tearing each other down.


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