Rihanna Breaks Her Silence


It looks like the good girl who gone bad is back!  Not only is Miss “Ree Ree”, back with a new album titled Rated R, she has broken her silence on the incident with her then- boyfriend, Chris Brown.  Last February, Miss Rihanna and Brown were in a physical altercation that left her battered and bloody; and left Brown with community service (He learned his lesson!).  Rihanna has recently gave interviews with Diane Sawyer and Glamour Magazine.  She basically talks about the “media frenzy”   that left her emotionally drained and forced her to live out a private issue, publicly.  She also noted that her situation with Brown was difficult because he was her “first big love.”  And even though both parties have confessed their love for one another and have maturely handled this situation in spite their young ages; I wanted more!  I was hoping that not only Rihanna reveals what happened, but her role in the situation.  I wanted Rihanna to be transparent, to let young girls know that their actions have to be accounted for.  See, don’t get this wrong, I’m asking if she provoked Brown with her words or actions; not giving an excuse for his poor decision in beating her up.  I want to send a message to our young women, who think that they can treat a male with disrespect and there will be no consequences.  I want them to know that you have to treat others the way you want to be treated and that you don’t have to make a guy jealous or violent for you to think that he cares for you. Because, we all as women been there, where we push the appropriate buttons just to get the satisfaction of him making a “fuss” or “scene” over us, to feel wanted and like someone would fight to be with you.  That the way for a man to show his love towards you is through his respect for you. 

I am glad that Rihanna and Chris is back and being brave with talking about their stories (or being force to) and maybe one day (more like five years, that’s how long the judge ordered him to stay away from her) they can be together.  It’s so obvious how much these young entertainers care for one another and like anybody, they deserve a second chance.


Update:  Okay, since seeing the full interview, I still feel like we just didn’t get the whole story and everything she said seemed like she was coached to say it (Although, people get big money to coach celebrities out of their mess and make them look like angels………….. can we say PUBLICIST!)  But, one thing that she said that plucked a cord, she said how she gave up Chris because of the pressure of being a role model.  She said that even if Chris never hit her again, what if one of fans (being young girls and women) are not as fortunate and end up being killed at the hands of an abusive man.  I really felt that, it is such a sacrifice to go against your nature and leave someone who you are in love with because of someone’s else best interest.  Oh yeah Ri Ri, we caught the little digs on Chris, especially about the one that he turned the tables around and played the victim.  Chris, next time I guess you will think before putting your hands on any woman in any case; then you wouldn’t have to worry about losing your fans.


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