Daily Inspirational Fix: If You Are Digging A Ditch For Another…Dig One For Yourself

I recently had to watch people whom I love suffer at another person’s hand.  They had to deal with someone using evil a nd spiteful tactics to harm them and their family.  You know the old saying, my momma use to say this to me, “If you dig a ditch to bury someone, dig another one for yourself”.  That only mean, we can not use the “wrong- for wrong” or “since I’m hurt, I’m going to hurt someone else” method.  The word of God even tells us this, that we can’t use evil for evil or purposely bring harm to a person.  Please, trust God and believe that he can “put someone in their place” better than we ever could, revenge is God’s pursuit.  All the while you thought you were destroying someone, you are the one being destroyed.  People, I’m so tired of all the drama and hurt that fills our relationships with people, we go through enough personal struggle to endure that extra stuff. 

And, another point, who are you to try to bring out someone’s skeletons, Are you perfect?  Did you forget the very things that keep you in guilt and shame, you wouldn’t want someone to pull up your mistakes.  And ,if God forgives us for EVERYTHING we do, why can’t we forgive what others do.   So, please spread peace and not war, lies, meanness, and poison.  I love you and be encouraged!


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One response to “Daily Inspirational Fix: If You Are Digging A Ditch For Another…Dig One For Yourself

  1. Ms. Diamond

    Amen sister, if only people would live by this, we would have less hate and violence in the world

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