Basketball Legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Diagnosed With Cancer


Former Los Angeles Lakers basketball star Kareem Abdul- Jabbar has been diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia, he announced Tuesday.  The former basketball star has known since December 2008 and is currently undergoing treatment for this form of blood cancer, CML.  Jabbar has not confirmed his stage of cancer, but says that he is managing his disease and that it’s not impacting his life too significantly. 

Just recently, someone who I love, mother had been diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer and that was one of the reasons that I wanted to work on this specific piece.  I want people to know, that it’s ultimately up to God when it comes to our personal tribulations, but he does give us tools to help keep ourselves healthy.  It’s important to eat more healthy (eliminating our sugars and red meats) and to get exercise (3x a week for maintaining your weight and about 5x a week for weight loss).  Another important point is to go to your doctor’s appointments (early detection is key for any disease) and getting the necessary tests (For example, if high blood pressure and diabetes run in your family, get those things checked regularly).  And, remember to keep your stress to a minimal and I know with your daily struggles that  it is hard; but what good is life if you are not living.  Let’s take care of one another and ourselves y’all!


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