Shaq and Shaunie O’Neal Heads For Splitsville……Again


 Shaq and wife on left; Laura Govan on right









Okay, so basketball player, Shaquille O’Neal and his wife, Shaunie are heading for separation.  This couple has been down this rocky road before in 2007, awhile Shaq stated that the reason for their then separation was that his wife stashed things like money, assets, and property titles without his knowledge.  They since have reconcile.  Well. it looks like homegirl was looking out for herself because Shaq is apparently a serial cheater; this time the separation was caused by his alleged affair with Laura Govan.  Govan is the girlfriend of Gilbert Arenas, who is a basketball star and she is pregnant with their third child, that is due in December (That might be Shaq’s baby???????). 

Shaunie has filed for legal separation and the cause in court documents is “irreconcilable differences”.  Shaunie has since yanked all four children and claimed residency in California (Dag, Shaq did play for the Lakers for a minute….shout out to Kobe!)  Although, Shaunie, Shag, and the kids were living together in Florida up until recently.  According to the court documents, she is asking for full custody of the kids, child support, and spousal support.  (Four kids equals a lot of child support and I pray she still have her stash).  The break down of any family is a tragedy, so let’s keep Shaq and his family in our prayers.


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