Black Female Soldier Refuses Deployment

So, I’m watching television and a news break interrupts my viewing pleasure.  Apparently, Spc. Alexis Hutchinson, who is 21 and resides in Savannah, Georgia has been arrested on criminal charges because she refused to be deplored stating that there was no one who could care for her ten month old baby boy.  She said that she had no choice in the matter since her mother, who is the only family who could care for the baby was already overwhelmed with caring for three other, sickly relatives.  My heart went out to not only Hutchinson, but any mother who has to leave their infant.  You think that it’s cruel to separate a mother who wants her baby to be force to leave them.  And not only do they have to leave their children, but live with the “very possible” fact that they could be killed, never to be known by their small children…………. simply heartbreaking.  Hutchinson even goes as far as telling what her commanders told her, which was to put her baby in foster care.  I can not believe that anyone who suggest a mother to abandon her child to such a screwed up system and even if she agreed, how long would it take her to get her child out the system once she got home?  Would the foster parents be so kind to keep in touch with letters, pictures, and emails keeping up with the baby’s progress.  Well, in my perfect world; it would be against the law for a mother to have to be separated from their infants because of deployment.  But, since this is not my world, Hutchinson can be faced with having to separated from her infant longer than she would have had to serve overseas, with a lengthy prison sentence. 

I did some extra digging and found that Kevin Larson, who is the spokesman for Hunter Army Airfield said that he didn’t know what Hutchinson’s was told by her commanders; but that the Army wouldn’t have deployed a single parent who had no one to care for his/her child.  So, maybe the whole truth has not come to light, but your girl will keep you updated.  Meanwhile, the baby has been taken by the overwhelmed grandmother, who have clearly stated on national television, that she is overwhelmed with caring for a baby and three other relatives.


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