Remembering Your Very First Time


Okay, so I’m having a conversation with my hubby, brothers, and sister and the funniest topics came up.  One, especially stuck in my mind and that was the one where we talked about our very first times.  I was so surprised to hear that half of us did not even remember it.  Man, I was floored!  I think I was so shock because I’m one of those “My very first time was so wonderful and breathe- taking” kind of girls.  I could not believe that my siblings could not remember a time in their lives that is suppose to be special or at the least memorable!  One of my brothers and my “other half” didn’t even remember the person (I’m thinking in the back of head that they then had so many girls, they can’t remember……just nasty!)  Then, my sister remembered her first time but couldn’t place his face (I’m thinking that the dude traumatized her so bad that she subconsciously forgot what he looked like!).  My other brother and myself was the only ones who could remember (in detail) about our first experiences with sex.  I guess I was just a foolish girl in love (well, at least thought I was) who couldn’t wait to take my relationship to the next level and remembered every stitch of that relationship. 

Young people, having  sex for the first time should be memorable and beautiful.  That’s why “older people” beg you to wait for marriage, that way you will know that person really loves you and that you will always remember that first time and how special it was.  I know we are in 2009 and the chances for young people to wait for marriage is slim to none, but please consider it because in all reality; your missing nothing!  Most people don’t find that out until they have done it already and it’s too late.  Be different and make a stand for abstinence or end up like my siblings and I ……… not even remembering! Anything that to do with your body is important.


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