Daily Inspirational Fix: Asking God For Your Highest Truth


I know that most time we can not change our circumstances because we are in denial (or just plain ignorant)  about the truth about ourselves.  For example, if you are in denial about your gossiping; how could you change your ways and stop talking about other’s folks business if you don’t acknowledge you have a problem.  As believers and followers of Jesus Christ, it’s time to ask God to reveal ourselves to ourselves, so that our witnessing to others people can be more affective.  Because how could I ask God for forgiveness and show unbelievers about forgiveness when I won’t accept the truth that I have problems with forgiving people.  How could I tell young girls to treat their bodies like a temple if I am in denial about treating my own body as a temple.  The point that I want to convey, is that we need God to give us our highest truth and not just what is comfortable for us to handle.  We need  to see all of it, so we can tear down those strongholds that keep us in bondage and misery.  For example, Instead of God just revealing to you that you are selfish; ask him to reveal the extent of your selfishness.  Maybe you are not selfish with your friends, but with strangers.  And how can you feed the hungry and clothed the naked with a selfish heart, as a follower of Christ, you can not.  So, after you ask God to mirror your truth and its entirety; ask him for the strength to handle it.  Believe me, it is not an easy task to see yourself in a light that is not flattering!  But, after it’s all done, you will come out a better person and follower of Jesus.  I love you and be encouraged!


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