Sheila Dixon: A Heartless Thief or Innocent Mayor

Look DBlog family, I tried so hard not to report on this story (which only add to the horrible reputation of my hometown, Baltimore Maryland affectionately known as “Bmore”} because I’m not the girl who indulges in beauty of politics……… or lies.  I think that politics/politicians are nothing but a group of people that make useless decisions on laws that does not help the people that are in need.  Instead they find ways to help their kind, the perfect example of this is Baltimore’s first female, African-American mayor.  Dixon has been accused of stealing and using $1,500.00 worth of gift cards intended for the poor and children in Baltimore City.  That infuriates me, how could someone who the people trusted of our city, take away from our less fortunate?  What does that say for Miss Mayor Lady?  Not, much and the lame excuse that her defense team is using,,,,,,,,,,, her boyfriend did it.  Where is Warren Brown when you need him and for the people who do not know him; he is one of the best defense attorney in Baltimore (He gets everyone off and he is Jada Pinkett Smith’s dad).  I bet Mayor Dixon wished she had him on her team.  Although Brown is not on this case, I believe that the mayor will get off.  But, I don’t think her reputation will survive and her career in politics might be over after her term is finished.  I just don’t think people could trust her again.  I do wish the mayor the best, I do think she is being treated differently (they want to crucify her)from the other thieves (I mean politicians) because she is a female  and she is African-American.  I hate to play the feminist and race card, but it is true because we live in that kind of world.

Update 1:  Tuesday, December 1, 2009; Mayor Sheila Dixon was found guilty on the charges of theft in relation to gift cards intended for the needy.  I am completely shocked, I really believed that she would not have been found guilty…. just speechless.  I am not sure where this leaves the city of Baltimore, no word have been made in regards to her sentencing or resignation.  I will keep you updated.  I do know that she will stand trial in March 2010 for charges on bribery.


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