Witch Doctors Preys on African Albinos, 56 Albinos Dead

This story touched my heart because one of my students are albino and it sickened me to hear what is going on in regards to them.  The african countries, Tanzania and Burundi are facing imaginable threats, fueled by ignorance, superstition, and economics.  At least 56 albinos in these countries have been killed and their body parts are being used by witch doctors to make charms and potions.  The last known incident took place as recently as last month on October 21.  Albinos hunters hacked a 10-year-old boy, named Gasper Elikana to death.  The reason for these senseless crimes are because witch doctors are telling people (and they are stupid enough to listen) that albinos are endowed with mystical powers, they are seen as a cure; because they possess something that ordinary people do not have; and that they are “good luck” trinkets”.  I can not belive that people are benumb enough to think that using magic potions made of albinos body parts will make them more rich and powerful………….. Can you believe this mess?  Here comes the craziest part………….Police reports have reported albino limbs being sold by witch doctors for $200.00, while a full “albino kit” (consisting of limbs, nose, tongue, ears, and genitals) costed 75,000. 

Little justice have been served, even though nothing can correct the wrong of killing albino people.  The Tanzanian government has revoked all traditional healers operating licenses and asked all adults to fill out forms and name anyone who they suspect of killing an albino.  So far, seven people have been given the death penalty for taking part in albino murders.  My prayers go out to all the albinos affected by this injustice and cruelty.


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