Daily Inspirational Fix: Free Yourself From The Dead Weight

I was having a conversation with my sister, I had this problem with a long standing associate that  has proven to not be healthy for my well-being.   I have realized that I have accepted this person and their drama, just to say that I had a friend.  That someone else cared about me even if that meant that they really didn’t love me or share the same affection that I did for them.  I could no longer go on pretending  (or rather entertaining) the fact that this person only cared about themselves and me catering to their needs.  A real friend tries to understand your problems and not just their own, when did selfishness take over the definition of friendship………. it didn’t.   I had to make the hard decision to free myself from the dead weight, it was necessary.  The extra weight was hazardous to my health, so it was time to work it out!  So, today I want you to think about the people in your life that is poisonous and that mean you harm; the ones who continuously hurt you and just care about their wants and needs. The ones who are secretly envious of you and have a secret agenda. I am reminded of the scripture that tells us believers that NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST US SHALL PROSPER.  Free the dead weight, and trust that God will continue to keep you protected from snakes that come in the form of friends,  I love you and be encouraged!  And remember to be  the friend that you would want! I love you again, and be encouraged!


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