Daily Inspirational Fix: Praying Away Evil Strongholds

Isn’t it funny, that every time you think that you know enough of God’s word…………. he humbles you.  And boy was I humbled.   As believers, we learn something new about God and the way things operate on a daily basis.  Well. I been in Christ for majority of my life, way before I had a choice in the matter! (Yes, I had one of those mommas that keep me in church, bible study, sunday school, and vacation bible camp!)  Now, I know that we have to pray for protection from all things, seen and unseen; but never looked into it as deeply as I should have.  I have been reading this prayer-book (untitled) and it talks about praying against and destroying unrighteous agreements.  It’s asking God to destroy any wrongful prays being prayed against you and that WILL BE prayed against you.  This blew my mind because I would like to think that I have no enemies or no one could ever be so cruel, to speak death or misery unto my life.  I guess I was kidding myself, our very friends, family, and associates is praying against us.  Today, ask God to bind all evil imprints, unrighteous agreements, hidden agendas, and demonic spirits that plan to destroy you.  Everywhere you go (And I mean EVERYWHERE), evil strongholds and demons live and follow behind you at a distance, so stay prayed up.  Ask the Father, on a daily basis to keep you protected from these strongholds.  These forces are real and they come to attack our physical, mental, and emotional health, so finfd it not robbery to ask God for this protection, Daily.  I love you, but everyone doesn’t.  I love you again and be encouraged!


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