Daily Inspirational Fix: Showing Love When You Need Love

  I was just talking to a good friend and she was sharing with me some of the hardships she was experiencing.  I think I was “extra” sensitive towards her problems because most of them was too familiar.  I felt at the time that she didn’t need my opinion or advice……….. just my love.  So, I just used my words to let her know that I understood and that I would keep her and her situation in my prayers.  Sometimes, we have to give love when we are in a place where we are in need of that love.  The very thing that you yearn for, is what everyone yearns for…………. love, understanding, and affection.  So, why wouldn’t you give the very thing that would lift your spirits.  Today, no matter how you are feeling, show someone some love.  You can give a hug, kiss, call, card, or letter just to lift someone’s spirits because you never know what your selfless action will bring.  Someone could be ready to give up on life and you take the time to let them know that you love them and that their life matters to you.  You could save a life or just simply someone’s spirit.  I love you and be encouraged.


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