Keyshia Cole Expecting!

Okay, I must admit; I am a Keyshia/Neffe/Frankie fan and I love their reality shows (Don’t judge me}.  I was inspired by Keyshia’s story because of the very difficult upbringing  her and her sister  lived through (especially Neffe, since Keyshia was blessed to be adopted to a good family).  I would literally, watch the episodes with tissue, just watching and crying my eyes out (my hubby calls me , “special”!).  I think it was so emotional because their stories ,mirrors our own stories with molestation, abandonment, broken-marriages, broken relationships, drug abuse, and miscarriages. Plus, they portrayed a family with so many issues, but love each other and wants to mend their family back together. So, today I am beyond elated to report some exciting and positive news according to various sources. Miss Keyshia Cole is expecting her first baby with baller- boyfriend, Daniel Gibson (he plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers).  I guess this explains her hiatus and from- the- neck- up pictures.  Congrats Keyshia and I pray for the best for you and your family. DBlog family, I will keep you updated on this story.

Update:  I am so SYKED to be announcing that Keyshia Cole and her fiance has welcomed a healthy baby boy!  The baby is named after his father, Daniel Gibson.  The DBlog family wishes the Cole/Gibson continued blessings.


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