Lil Wayne: Family Man (Celebates his daughter’s 11th Bday)

I know I’m hard on Wayne and his “Rollingstone” ways, but I do respect that he has stepped up to the plate and is an active father.  Here, he is spending time with his ex- wife , Toya Carter (love her and her show, “Tiny and Toya”)and eleven year old daughter, Reginnae at her pajama-themed party.  His one yr old son, Dwayne Carter Jr. and babymommy (number 2 a.k.a Sara) also joined the festivities.  Wayne also acknowledges and was present at the birth of his newest editions, Samuel Lennox Ari (Lauren London a.k.a. babymomma #3 and Neal Carter (with Nivea a.k.a babymomma #4). I  do respect the fact that Mr. Carter is a good father and that he shows the utmost respect for his ex- wife and babymommas.  Now, Wayne can you say………….SAFE SEX!  I want to put the message out there, for the youth to be smart and use protection is you choose to not practice abstinence.  Remember that it’s more than about getting pregnant, it’s about not catching a disease……..especially one that you can die from or never get rid of.  


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