Obama Speaks: Presidential Address

Okay DBlog  family, I am so proud of myself, I watched a presidential address and wasn’t completely lost (and bored).  I sat captivated by my gorgeous president (not  as fine as my hubby though!).  I wasn’t the only one captivated, 1,400 perfectly uniformed soldiers sat in Eisenhower Hall in the West Point Military Academy to listen to the fates of their fellow soldiers and possibly…….. themselves.  To make a long story short, President Obama have decided to sent 30,000 of our troops to Afghanistan to help secure their government against al-Qaeda, Taliban, and other terrorist threats.  Once we help build their country, we can start going home.  He expressed that the troops will start coming home in the summer of 2011 and all 100,000 will be home by the end of that year.  The part of the speech that caught my attention, was apart of his opening statement.  He talked about how we didn’t start the war, that the senseless disregard for our lives and malicious murders of innocent people, started the war (I’m paraphrasing…..”dani -style” )  Of course, he was referring to 9/11 (may the people lost, rest in peace and blessing to their family, friends, and children).  Even though, I don’t agree with war (and our soldiers dying), I understood last night why it was necessary to end the war like the President suggested, we all have the same goal…….. to end this thing peacefully and less blood shed.  Nothing can change what Bin Laden and his supporters did on 9/11, but seeing the end of this tragic era, brings some hope.  We need to be praying against the threats that the Taliban, al- Qaeda, and other terrorists are making towards us and other countries. 

FYI:  I have to shout my husband for breaking down  the war for me in dummy terms!


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