Poetry Corner: Painting A Picture With My Words

I am so excited to be finally sharing some of my poetry with my blog family! Your girl has finally finished her first book and established the copyright rights to my art!  So enjoy and let me know what you think from an excerpt from my upcoming book, Painting a Picture With My Words.  This piece is titled Still Raining, I wrote this almost two years ago and I was in a very dark place dealing with depression, a place that most of us are familiar with.

Still Raining

Job 36:27; “For he maketh small the drops of water: they pour down rain according to the vapor thereof


It’s beginning to rain again

Why is it raining now?

It rain yesterday

And the forecast predicts it’ll rain tomorrow

I can still smell the dew, but it’s not sweet

 The rain has soften the earth around me and now mud covers my feet

I can’t even speak

I’m silenced by the downpour

Life is drowsy and everything is moving in slow motion

My pain defeats me

And leaves me



The enemy got me thinking that no one cares

But maybe that’s the truth because no one is here

I began to think that even Jesus turned a deaf ear

To the whining in my voice

Or the stupidity of my choice

In losing faith in him

But the walls are closing in

They are just inches from my skin

Then the sun peaks in

 I begin to feel the warmth upon my face

It’s getting warmer and I know this feeling, I’m familiar with his amazing grace

I said I know this feeling; I’m familiar with his amazing grace

I feel the angels setting up camp around me

Their arms are consoling me

His beginning to breathe life back into me

Reminding me of the promises his has given me

And to never let the adversary steal them

Even if for now, I can’t believe them

The rain has stop again

It’s not raining now

But will it rain tomorrow

Because today, these tears are not falling








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One response to “Poetry Corner: Painting A Picture With My Words

  1. Tshona

    Hey Danny! I have finally read all of your blogs…shew! lol No but I must say that its my fault for not checking them regularly. I really enjoy readin your work. I think you have a precious gift and you do such a good job at sharing with others your thoughts, honesty and concerns. At the end of every blog you leave be encouraged and believe it o not they certainly are encouraging. You are thorough with your feedback and most of all you keep it real.. I especially admire the fact that you are not afraid to tackle any subject/ topic. I appreciate you writing these poems, blogs, news updates, and short stories because like so many of us who live stressful lives, its a exhale or breath of fresh air (depending on topic for the day), knowing that you are not alone reguardless. I like how you take your own personal situations and share them with the blog world. Your writing is hot and I strongly believe that it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world get a taste of Daniel. So keep up the good work and YOU stay encouraged!!!!!

    Love ya,
    Tshona Johnson
    Tee Jay

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