Getting Into The Christmas Spirit With the Obamas!

DBlog family, it’s about that time again!  Yes, its time for christmas trees, tinsel, candy canes, christmas carols, eggnog, gifts, chestnuts, and most importantly…………. the birth of Jesus Christ!  Since it’s the season of giving and unspeakable joy, what’s better than celebrating with the first family (They represent family, close relationships, and love)!  So, I just wanted to highlight President Obama and his beautiful girls launching the start of the Christmas season with the lighting of the national tree (Plus their expressions are priceless, the mouths dropping in awe…… I love it!  They are so real and their pictures spills of warmth and sincerity!)  Although this year is the first year that I ever paid attention to our president lighting the national tree, this tradition dates back to the Coolidge adminstration in 1923.  This magical ceremony took place on the Ellipse, south of the White House.  The tree is a 40 feet Colorado spruce that was planted in 1978. 

Happy Holidays DBlog family! The season it just beginning!


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