Tiger Woods Establishing Payouts For Exchange of Marriage Vows

 I tried so hard to ignore this mess involving Tiger Woods and his marriage.  I do believe that marriage is sacred, but this highly publicized drama surrounding their marriage has gone way beyond sacred and quiet.  Please, don’t get this twisted, as a wife I am nauseated at his “rumored” affairs, but I don’t think paying his wife is the answer to their marriage woes.  It has been reported on people.com that Mrs. Woods, will be handsomely paid for Tiger’s transgressions.  Now, I’m all about feeling sympatric for his wife and children, but “better or worse” is not measured by the dollar.  I mean, your forgiveness for your spouse infidelity should not be erased with a pay off.  It’s sending a message, that her love is being brought.  Yes, she should be hurt, and maybe a few carats would be appropriate, but not 80 million dollars.  Let me break it down:

She would get 5 million as an initial payment and a revised prenup that will state that she will receive 55 million dollars if she sticks around two years (really, so what if she sticks around for another two years if the marriage is base upon money. If she wants to bounce, let her bounce if she is going to base her decision on money.  It’s okay to live in hell for just two more years, am I the only one who thinks that this  is stupid?  Maybe she always had an agenda, maybe every move she makes is calculated, she might have always been just about his money. Is Tiger trying to buy time, thinking that she will change her mine in being with him  in two years.) After 7 years, she will end up with 80  million.  The original prenup is 20 million after 10 years, but now she can receive up to 300 million if she leaves now.

When did payouts define the foundation of any marriage, I guess this one and all of celebrity marriages.  What happen to the ‘back- in- the- day, it’s -going -take -more- than- cheating -to -break- us- up -type -of -marriage?”  If she had unconditional love for her husband, wouldn’t she stick it out without a large payout.  This just makes marriage seem like a business deal instead of a marriage.  Isn’t marriage suppose to be permanent and unbreakable, Right?


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