Tyler Perry Mother Dies

I am sad to report that it is true that Tyler Perry mother has died at the age of 64.  Tyler perry has posted it on his website (www.tylerperry.com), where he thanked his fans and supporters for their prayers regarding his mother.  The cause of her death has not yet been disclosed, but Tyler has always credited his mother and aunts for being the inspiration behind is most popular and beloved character, Madea.  If you don’t know who Tyler Perry or Madea is, you have been living under a rock for the last couple years!   Perry started out as a playwright who directed his own plays around the world.  Although his style focus on unpopular topics life urban life, poverty, sexual abuse, family drama,  and the African American community, this entrepeneur (who lived out of his car at one time), has made himself into a mainstream success!  He excels in movie  (all of his movies, have been box office hits}; books, plays, tv sitcoms, and more recently has established his own studio(Tyler Perry Studios), where his movies and sitcoms are filmed.  Tyler rags to riches story is inspiring to all African-Americans and has open doors for young writers and actors to accomplish success.  I know that his success must have been influenced, by his mom and she had to be a strong woman. But, no matter how successful one become, losing a mother is nothing less than devastating and the DBlog family wants to sent their love to Mr. Perry. God bless Tyler Perry and his family at this very difficult time.


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