Daily Inspirational Fix: Every Drop Counts

In my title today, “drop” defines us as believers and followers of Christ.  Remember that you are only a drop in the pool of believers, but that does not mean that God overlooks you and do not pay attention to your every move.  That is why we must strive for morality, truthfulness, and integrity everyday in everything that we do.  For example, while at work we play around on the computer or use company time for our own personal projects, this is a perfect example of what I mean.  Even though no one may pay attention to our actions, does not mean we have to lead our lives in deceitful ways.  Remember that ever drop determines the content, every believer represents everything that God is to us.  So, if we lie, than we portray God to be a liar and no believer would ever purposely portray him in that light.  So, today I want you to take notice of the things you do and ask yourself are you representing the content of God’s love.  Are you setting an example for unbelievers.  I know that no one is perfect and it is hard to lead a righteous life, but with time, maturity, and a genuine heart, we can get there.  We all are works in progress.  I love you and be encouraged!


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