Poetry Corner: Painting A Picture With My Words (Today)


Okay, DBlog family, it’s time for me to share my second poem with all of you from my upcoming book, Painting A Picture With My Words!  Well, since my husband and I shared our 4th wedding anniversary on December 11, I wanted to share a piece that was appropriate for the occasion.  The name of this piece is, Today and it just represents when a couple revisits the love that brought them together. Yesterday we remember the passion that kept us drawn to one another, even though we had some “not so good”  times.  We remembered that the good outweighed the bad and I remembered how God blessed me with an honorable man.  I hope you enjoy this one.


(I just wanted to capture the peace that I was feeling “on a good day” in my relationship.  That day we appreciated one another and made a tremendous effort to make each other feel loved, wanted, and supported)



Today was beautiful


We laughed


We smiled


We played


We remembered each other’s worth today


We embraced the love that we both have chosen to give to one another


Today was beautiful


We kissed


We hugged


We admired


Our auras seems to be in harmony today


Our spirits agreed in feelings


Today was beautiful


We cared


We whispered


We cried


We allowed our emotions to make our decisions today


Today was our day and tomorrow will just be







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2 responses to “Poetry Corner: Painting A Picture With My Words (Today)

  1. Tshona Johnson

    Just wanted to let u know that I cried esp wit the pic at the end. Beauty in the poem beauty in you, him and the relationship.Keep up the good work!

  2. It touch my heart when I read the poem. That a young couple as our selves have so much love for each other. And for God to So I said to you .May God speed in your lives.

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